Are Cloth-Lookalike Plastic Bags To Be Banned Too?


Jute bags – a greener alternative to plastic                                                            

Polythene carry bags have been banned in many parts of the country, bringing down its use in some places. However, in most cities, shopkeepers and hoteliers have replaced polythene bags with cloth-lookalike carry bags, charging anything between INR 2 and 10 for each.

According to the Additional Chief Secretary of Forest, Environment and Ecology Department, T M  Vijayabhaskar, the majority of these carry bags are actually made of polypropylene – a type of plastic and synthetic resin. This is equally harmful for the environment as it is not biodegradable.

The Forest Department plans to carry out an awareness campaign to educate people about these bags and reveal the fact that these bags only resemble cloth, and actually fall under the ban which is imposed on plastic carry bags. The government will be coordinating with the Jute Corporation of India to provide a green alternative to plastic bags.

A complete ban is being proposed on plastic, including plastic carry bags, banners, buntings, flex, flags, plates, cups, spoons, cling films and sheets used for spreading on dining tables, irrespective of the thickness used.

It is important to remember that people managed to go about their daily existence even before polythene was available. Paper, cloth and jute bags are a great alternative to plastic carry bags. Also, reusing the plastic bags you have is a great way to reduce production of these environment-damaging products. Carry your own bag – keep one in your car, office and near your shoe stand and you will never forget to take it along.

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