#GreenShopping 4 Organic And #ReUse Sites In India You’ll Absolutely Love


Here on the site I’ve always been talking about how I have switched to an almost organic wellness and beauty regime, and how I am constantly trying to reduce waste. I love organic products, as they take care of the skin really well and have no side effects whatsoever (absolutely no breakouts or allergies or redness). Also, since I love style, and all things that come with it (such as clothes, handbags, accessories and more), I’ve realised that buying or renting carefully used products always makes more sense (saves money and creates less wastage). Another thing that I end up spending a lot on is books. I am never without a book, ever, which means I have a huge collection at home and it’s only always growing. So now, with some smart planning, I’ve decided to reduce the amount I buy, and rent instead.

So when I realised all the changes I was and am making, I thought it would be great to share about some of these sites with you here. And there are more such stories about organic brands and interesting sites that help you be natural and reduce waste, so do take a look there too.

Here are 4 sites you will love to visit over and over again, without feeling guilty of overspending, and without wasting what you already have.


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1. Biotique – I can swear by this brand, as I have been using it for over 8 years now, and have almost entirely switched to their products for all my wellness, skin and hair care needs. The only items are waiting for is organic makeup from the brand, and once they launch the same, you know I will surely try it out. All their products are absolutely natural and made from Ayurvedic ingredients. They are cruelty-free (which is one of the first things that made me try them out) and do not test them on animals. Also, they have no preservatives whatsoever. Another great thing about their products is that they are extremely affordable, and cost lesser than other heavily-loaded brands. Do visit them at www.biotique.com


Image source: Khadi Natural

2. Khadi Natural – I first tried out Khadi products almost 12 to 14 years back and was in love with their quality from the start. They have a wide range of products that are great for your day to day care needs, as well as specific requirements based on your skin type. Their products are handmade and contain no chemicals. Not only are they good for your skin, they are also good for the environment as no chemicals means no residue left behind to mix in water bodies. Do visit them at www.khadinatural.com


Image source: India Reads

3. India Reads – If you are a book addict like me, this is one site you absolutely need to visit. I mean, I know I am guilty of using up so much paper and resources that go into making a single book, but then, I am still not able to switch to an e-reader. And that’s why this site is so useful. It lets you rent used books at great discounts and the collections span across a wide genre, such as fiction, non-fiction, technology, course books, corporate, self-help, literature, poetry and many more. Also, they are operational across more than 55 cities. Do visit them at www.indiareads.com


Image source: Swish List

4. Swish List – If you are the type who is always decked up perfectly in designer wear, then this site is absolutely perfect for you. The site has a huge range of designer wear, from the best stylists to the most recent and loved trends from the runway that you can rent from the comfort of your home. Once you select an item you have to book it for the date you need it, and it will be delivered to your doorstep two days in advance. Try it and change it if needed, and once you’re done wearing it to the event, return it back. Do visit them at www.swishlist.in

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