#ReduceWaste #ReUse 3 Awesome Sites To Buy Or Sell Used Clothes


If you’re fashion conscious like me, you know there are so many times when you end up buying more clothes than you actually need. Also, the beauty of certain clothes and accessories is such that you just cannot skip the temptation, right? But the sad truth behind all this style is that it comes at a cost, and not to forget, uses up a lot of space too. So instead of buying new clothes all the time or throwing away your used ones, what’s a better alternative? What if you could buy or sell used clothes online?

Interesting, right? Well, it won’t just reduce your expense, it will also help reduce the amount of resources used to create new clothes from the start, thus reducing overall burden on the environment. Thanks to Reshma here, I was checking online and found some amazing sites that really have wonderful clothes and other items, that you can buy, or where you can sell your own stuff. Take a look.

1. Once Wear – The site lets you sell your used items as a complete put-together look, or as stand-alone pieces. You can buy or sell items for women, men as well as for kids, including clothes, shoes, jewelleries, bags and more. If you want to sell as well as want to buy something, you can also go for the swap option, which is just what the name suggests – exchange your carefully used products for another carefully used one. Visit them at oncewear.com

2. Once Again – The site aims to make fashion accessible to more customers at an easy price. The team takes care of all important aspects such as packing the item, arranging delivery, taking care of returns or payments and anything else associated with the exchange. All products on the site are from a reputed brand, and not from the streets or local markets, to ensure you get only good quality items. Their range includes clothes, shoes, bags, accessories and more. Visit them at www.onceagainstore.com

3. Vintage Desi – The site is an online store for selling and buying carefully used designer and luxury items. As these are mostly high-end pieces, the team makes sure to check the quality and condition very carefully before allowing it up for sale. You can sell or buy items for men, women as well as for kids, including clothes, jewelleries, clutches, accessories and more. Visit them at vintagedesi.com

Currently I’m more in the minimal living mode, which means I am not really buying more things but carefully using what I have. But if you have a lot of extra and unused clothes and items lying in your cupboard, or are looking for something new, maybe these sites could be of use.

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