#WeekendChallenge: #ReduceVehicleUse 7km Walk By Debolina And Frank


Image source: Author’s own

Yes so that is me, Debolina, with my buddy Frank Prashant Pawar. And as part of the Friday Weekend Challenge that we set for reducing vehicle use in some or the other way over the weekend, I forced him to walk….well, power walk actually 😉

So we went for almost a seven kilometer walk to grab some breakfast, and it was something we did out of choice, instead of just hopping in the car. And did we enjoy the walk and the talk and the breeze and the energy we felt during and after the walk! Sooo worth it!

I loved every bit of it and so did Frank, and if you’ve done something similar over the weekend, tell me about it. Send me your pictures and a little about what you did, or write in the comments here and let me know..You know I love to share, right 🙂

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