5 Eco-Friendly Gifts Your Friends Will Love


Just because you want to be eco-friendly and environment conscious, doesn’t mean you have to be restricted in your everyday choices and lifestyle. In fact, with more and more people understanding the importance of doing their bit for the environment, many brands have come up with ideas that support the green cause.

If you’ve already started reading up about green living (we’re assuming that’s why you’re here) and are trying to incorporate more such tips in your everyday living, maybe you would like to share the word with your friends and family too. And what better way than to gift them something that can show them that living the green way is actually easier than they thought!

Here are a few wonderful products we feel would make great gifts. And the nice part is that they are all organic and natural.

1. Organic Cooking And Serving Spoons – Organic cooking and serving spoons can make a great gift, as these are made out of bamboo which is sturdy and will last for many years to come. These are also moisture and bacteria resistant, which means that your spoons will be more hygienic. The spoons will not swell or crack and you can easily clean them by using lukewarm water and soap. You can find these on various sites, including Amazon.

2. Organic Candles – Almost everyone loves candles, and it does make a great gift too. Check out a brand called SOS Organics Foundation that makes candles in various fragrances. All their products are made with an environmentally conscious approach, using sustainable products. The brand also aims to work in balance with the needs of people as well as the needs of the environment. Their candles are very reasonably priced, even lesser than INR 100! You can find them on a site called Joy by Nature.

3. Organic Tea Flowers – Tea is all the rage these days. The organic tea flowers help to relax the mind, come with a host of antioxidant properties, and are a natural way to induce sleep in our busy lives. Not just that, these organic flowers are grown without the use of pesticides, to maintain and preserve their fragrance and freshness and make them truly an eco-lover’s delight. Choose your flavors from various brands such as Organic India, Traditional Medicinals, Goodwyn, Tea Me, Twinnings, Tea Trails and more, from stores or online sites such as Amazon, iHerb and such.

4. Earthen (Clay) Cookware – Now that we all know how harmful those non-stick pots and pans are, your guests will thank you for gifting them earthen cookware. Unlike what you may feel, these are very sturdy, are long lasting and are specially made keeping in mind that they will be used on gas stoves. From pans to tava to cooking and serving spoons to bottles to pots and more, there are a host of brands such as Bialetti, Mitticool, Organic and More, MClay India, Green Earth and more. You can easily buy them from online sites such as Ancient Cookware, Pepper Fry, Mitticool, Amazon and the like.

5. Organic Wellness Products – Let your friends feel pampered with a host of wellness products that are all organic. Not only are they made out of all natural products, even the packaging is bio-degradable in a few cases. You can choose from brands such as Soulflower, Aura Vedic, Omved, Imli Street, Iraya and more from stores as well as their own sites or other e-commerce sites such as Amazon, Nyka, Jabong and more.

You know we love all things organic (and I also love gifts by the way, just saying) 😉 so if you happen to come across any such brands or if you have an organic brand of your own, make sure you tell me more about it in the comments or drop me a mail 🙂

Image source: Pixabay

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