Why Meat Is Not Green: Video


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Did you know that the biggest source of greenhouse gases is meat? Yes, raising poultry and cattle contributes more (50 percent by some estimates) to global warming than cars and industries.

Unbelievable Facts About Meat

1. 60 pounds of vegetable crops are used to make 1 pound of meat.

2. Cattle and other animals give out methane which is a dangerous greenhouse gas.

3. It takes nine times more fossil fuel to produce meat than vegetables.

4. Agriculture uses 70 percent of fresh water in the world, and one third of the grains grown is used to feed the livestock.

5. Ten to 30 times more grains can be grown in the same land as compared to raising cattle.

6. Excretion and waste of livestock is contributing a lot to water pollution.

What Meat Is Least Green?

Red meat requires the most resources and is the least green of all. Chicken is comparatively greener as they grow fast and require less input. Poultry and fish produce four times lesser emission than red meat. Out of all the red meats, pigs are greener than cattle.

Hence it is greener to go vegan. Yes, milk and milk products are also formed from animals. If you can’t give up meat, like me, then reduce your meat consumption, choose chicken and fish over red meat and you can still make a difference.

Watch the video from PETA to know more.


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