Green Love: These Organic Fabrics Will Make You Lust For Eco-Clothes


If you thought being eco-friendly is all about dressing up in boring clothes, think again. With the many changes that are coming up in terms of eco-friendly styling, you may soon be lusting for a complete wardrobe makeover!

Gone are the days when being a nature lover meant wearing plain dull khadi or old-style cotton clothes. While khadi and cotton still are extremely popular, they sure have gone through a look test and some massive change in styling. So here are a few amazing eco-friendly fabrics that you won’t be able to resist wearing. You’ve been warned!

4 Eco-Friendly Organic Fabrics Your Wardrobe Wants Now!

1. Organic Cotton – From international designer brands to smaller everyday ones, almost everyone wants to use organic cotton in their fabrics. However, there’s a catch – NOT ALL ORGANIC COTTON is actually organic. For instance, organic cotton shirts marked wrinkle-free are most likely made using methods that are not so organic or good for the earth. To be absolutely sure, go for organic cotton clothes that are available in natural shades, such as whites, creams, pale greens or light browns (which indicate lack of chemical laden dyes). You can also check for labels that say the fabric was dyed using natural ingredients, such as vegetable based dye. Available on sites such as Cilory, No Nasties, Organic Clothes India, Organic Clothing India.

2. Bamboo – Bamboo is a fast-growing crop that is relatively easier to grow and does not require the use of pesticides. Also, as a fabric, bamboo is extremely popular with manufacturers, because it repels odour and has natural anti-bacterial properties (good for the skin!). However, there’s a huge controversy regarding the manufacturing process of fabric from bamboo, as it involves a lot of chemical ingredients. Till now, the only ingredient that the eco-conscious manufacturers deem absolutely green is Tencel, which is the brand name for lyocell fiber and is manufactured without any form of toxins. We recommend you go for bamboo fabrics only when you know for sure that the product is made using Tencel.

3. Hemp – Hemp can be clearly named as the most eco-friendly fabric, as it does not require any chemicals during the growth phase. Also, it can create very soft and at the same time strong fabrics, that can last for a long time, without getting damaged. Available on sites such as Amazon, Pandoras, Hemp Foods India.

4. Linen – The charm of linen clothes is that they look more stylish when they are wrinkled (saves you from using electricity for ironing!). Linen is made from flax and rarely requires any chemicals or pesticides at the time of growth. The best way to make sure you’re using absolutely eco-friendly linen is to buy linen clothes that are in natural shades, or are labelled as using only natural dyes. Available in various retail outlets and on sites such as Myntra, Amazon, Zodiac Online, Snap Deal, Linen Love, Yep Me, Rediff, Cotton World.

Organic Buying Tip

While buying, remember to look for labels that use words such as organic or pesticide-free. Sometimes, if you go for blends, such as organic cotton blend, it could mean that while the fabric is organic, it may also have some amount of polyester in it, which is not an eco-friendly option. Another good way to ensure you’re buying real organic product is to go for a trusted brand.

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