My 24KG Natural Weight Loss: No Gymming Or Dieting


I’ll just say at the beginning that I’m not suggesting that a particular body type, shape or weight is ideal. I’m just saying that this story is about me reaching a healthy weight without using any unhealthy or superficial methods.

I wanted to fit into that dress, I feared social backlash at my extending waist lines and I did get humiliated through body shaming. And it’s taking me a lot to share this here, along with this image.

I managed my weight loss in a way that is safe, natural and easy to follow and sustain. No dieting, no starving and no magic. So I felt that maybe my personal story will help and that’s why I’m sharing it 🙂

The ‘healthier’ me in the image was about two years back, when my second baby was a year old. I was going through a lot of professional and personal stress and my moral was way below the normal levels. I was horrified at my growing weight and waist. I was 80 kg, 33 years old, 5”5 tall and had a waist size of 34”.

I truly felt I’d never manage to lose the weight and get back to a fitter self.

The thinner me is now, a month and half back actually, and I’ve reduce one or two kg since then. I’m 35 now, weigh 56 kg and my waist size is 28. My objective now is to maintain this weight.

Even though my tips may sound simple, trust me, it worked – the images are a hundred percent genuine.

1. Cut Off Sugar – It helps that I cannot tolerate anything sweet. I can only have tiny bits of very dark and bitter chocolate, I don’t like ice creams, and till date I’ve not had colas or sodas (my kids don’t have them too). I used to have one spoon of sugar in my tea (about two cups a day). I completely cut out the sugar and though it tasted weird at first, I cannot have sweet tea anymore.

2. Reduced Salt Intake, Less Fried Or Oily Foods And More Fresh Foods – You’ve heard these mantras before but believe me they work (look at my images again). I started adding less salt to the food I cook. It did feel different and a little tasteless at first, but now my taste buds are happy. I barely have oily or fried foods, maybe once a month. Yes it’s difficult to give up at first (I used to love them!) but once you do, your body itself will shut out the junk and make you feel uncomfortable when you eat fried or oily food. I eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables and have almost cut down my intake of processed foods.

3. Lunch Before 1PM And Dinner Before 7PM – I was used to having late lunches and dinners, around 2pm and 10pm. I started having lunch by 12:30pm and dinner around 6:30pm or so. If I get late on the dinner time, I make it a point to finish my food intake by 8pm at the latest. As I sleep very late, mostly by 2 or 3 am (I’ll talk about that some other time), I do feel hungry. In that case, I have a big mug of chamomile tea (which helps relax your body and calms you down).

4. Regular Exercise – I hate going to a gym and the best form of exercise for me is to walk. I love walking. I started out by walking one or two kilometers a day (I walk only at night though because I love it). I’ve now reached a stage where I walk ten kilometers at least four or five times a week in a time span of one and a half hours. You can start walking or running at a pace that’s comfortable for you. Choose a form that you like and that you’d want to do every day.

5. I Drink About Six To Eight Liters Of Water – A day. I still can’t believe people can survive on just eight glasses of water a day. Thankfully, I’ve always been drinking a lot of water, so it helps. Plus I also have a lot of green or chamomile tea, which again adds to the liquid intake.

6. Smaller Portions – Instead of filling up my plate with foods I love, I take a small plate and add a very less amount at first. I chew it properly and take my time to finish it. Once I do, I take another helping if required, but in small portions. It helps to not waste food, plus I can avoid overeating.

This is all I do and in no means do I starve myself or not eat foods that I love. I eat almost everything, but smartly. You can try these tips as they are very easy to follow even in the long run. And if you do try them out and it helps, do let me know for sure 🙂

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