5 Eco-Friendly Wellness Brands In India


One of the most used words that you will find in stores these days is ‘organic.’ From food items to wellness products to skincare and even beauty, almost everything has an organic version today.

For a brand to be truly organic, it means more than just using natural products and no chemicals. It involves more complex steps, such as using and re-using available resources in the best possible way, creating as less waste as possible, ensuring that the packaging is environment-friendly and more.

While brands such as The Body Shop and Biotique have been around for quite a long time, there are some more eco-friendly and organic brands that you may not be aware of. The good part is that all of these are easily available in India, you can shop through their own channel, through other sites or in stores and they are very reasonably priced as well.

So here are some brands we would really love you to check out, especially if you’re looking for something eco-friendly and organic in wellness products.

Eco-Friendly Brands You Can Shop In India

1. Aura Vedic – The brand believes in using locally sourced ingredients as much as possible for all of their products across various lines. Most of their products are aimed at giving you a calm and relaxed feeling, which tries to promote balance in times of hectic lifestyles. Some of their products that are especially good to use are the handmade soaps, skin care products that aim to take care of concerns such as acne and pigmentation, hair care solutions for dandruff, hair fall and more, as well as other body care products. You can find out more about them at their website.

2. Skin Yoga – The brand was started by three sisters who grew up in the midst of nature and are passionate about protecting and preserving our natural reserves. Their brand has various products that will cater to your face, body and foot needs. The unique part about the brand is that they always procure their ingredients from the place (or even country) where they actually originate. You can find out more about them at their website.

3. Imli Street – Here is yet another brand that has an interesting range of products with some very popular natural essential oils. Some of their ingredients include jasmine, lavender, methi seeds and even wheat protein. You can buy their products on various sites in India, such as E-Bay, Jabong and Nykaa.

4. Iraya – The unique thing about the brand is that they either grow their own ingredients, such as the herbs, flowers or plants, or source them from growers who are as organically invested. Their range includes soaps, body oils, body lotions, scrubs, shampoos, oils and more. You can find out more about them at their website.

5. Omved – Here is a brand that is truly one of the most organic of all. Starting from their sourcing of ingredients to the packaging (which is biodegradable) to the inks they use on their labels (water-based), the brand puts its belief of eco-friendly living in all its products. The product range is huge as well, and has products ranging from soaps, oils, scrubs, toners, shampoos, conditioners, body and foot care, mommy and baby care, incense, sleep remedies, organic pillows, therapy teas, roll-on remedies, ubtans and more. You can find out more about them at their website.

These were some of the lesser known wellness brands in India that we feel you should definitely check out. We’ll come back with more brand names soon, and also some organic product shout outs and reviews that we feel could help you make a more informed choice. If you’re interested, do drop in with a mug of green tea when you feel like. And in case you happen to be associated with a brand that is organic, do tell us all about it so that we can share it with our readers.

Image source: Pixabay

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