#GreenMamma Why Baby Wipes Are Dangerous And Why To Avoid


The invention of the baby wipe is undoubtedly one of the biggest blessings to any mommy. Take a look at any young mom, or a mom who has a baby or a young kid, and you’ll see her taking out a pack of baby wipes from her bag at some point of time, ready and armed to take on the world of dirt and mess and germs and everything that is not clean. I was just the same. But a few look at various studies and research articles, and I have actually sworn off baby wipes completely, so much that we have stopped buying them for a long time now. If you are a parent, or if you do use baby wipes, it is important to know why baby wipes are dangerous and why to avoid them.

The Natural Ingredients Are Not Really ‘Natural’

Many baby wipe brands these days are branding their product as ‘natural’ but in reality, there’s nothing ‘natural’ about them. The most common ingredients in baby wipes are alcohol, artificial fragrances and various chemicals. Even if the ones that claim to be ‘natural’ do not contain these ingredients, they have other things such as sodium benzoate (risk of increasing chances of cancer, asthma and other skin and breathing disorders) [1], benzyl alcohol (itching, irritation, severe skin allergies, numbness in the affected area, stinging) [2], potassium sorbate (rashes, itching, redness, irritation) [3] and such that have nothing natural about them.

Don’t Really Kill Germs

Most parents take out wipes to clean surfaces where babies will come in touch with, such as a toilet seat or a door handle. However, even though baby wipes contain alcohol that has some antibacterial properties, the wipes will not really kill off any virus or bacteria. You will unnecessarily expose your baby to the harmful and toxic ingredients in the wipes.

Choking The Environment

Baby wipes are not biodegradable, and the ones that claim they are need sun and air to break down properly. This hardly happens at the landfill, where the baby wipes are either thrown wrapped in a baby diaper, or are buried under heaps of other garbage, and do not get direct sunlight or air. Also, many parents still flush baby wipes down the toilet, which not just clogs the pipes, but also chokes various water bodies where it gets mixed up.

Baby wipes may seem convenient and often, even though they do lead to allergic reactions, they are often misdiagnosed as something else. Various studies being done are pointing out the increasing dangers of exposing babies and children to baby wipes [4].


Water. It is the most natural and safest way to keep your baby clean. Otherwise, if you are not at home and are traveling, keep a few cotton handkerchiefs and a bottle of water handy. Whenever you need to clean your baby, dampen the handkerchief and use it. I tried the same with my baby and have completely given up using wipes.

I will share some home ideas of making your own safe and absolutely natural baby wipes, so do keep coming back here


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