Five Ways To Celebrate Diwali Without Polluting


Diwali is the most polluting day for most Indian cities. If you are not aware, firecrackers give out dangerous sulphur and nitrogen oxides as well as heavy metals such as cadmium, aluminum, copper and others which are responsible for many respiratory diseases, some of which can be fatal too. The heavy metals are also responsible for polluting our water bodies from the garbage generated. Apart from being extremely polluting, the fire cracker industry employs underage children working in harsh conditions. You can say no to crackers and teach your children to celebrate the festival of lights in other ways. Here are some:

Take A Trip

This is one of the best ways to escape the hazardous polluted air. Pick a place where there are less people. This is the best time to explore that unexplored hill or beach you always wanted to. Less crowd and cleaner air, what more do you need?

Lit Up Your House

Use colorful LED lights and lanterns to decorate your house. Diyas are made of clay, hence are green but lighting them up with oil produces carbon dioxide. You can use LED lit diyas instead. If you have to use traditional ones, dip them in water so that it consumes less oil. Turn everything off once you are done with the festival.

Eat Eat Eat

Invite friends and family over and have a party. You can try different sweet treats made specially for Diwali. You can go out for a dinner at a fancy restaurant by using the money you would have used for buying crackers.


If retail therapy’s your thing, then this is the best time for you. Cash in on discounts offered everywhere, both online and offline.

Light Up A Smile

How about doing something for the less privileged? The money you would spend on fire crackers can help educate a child for a year. Give your old clothes, electronics and other things to the needy.

Do not forget to teach your children and neighbors about the dangers of playing with fire crackers and how much it affects our health and environment. Let us know if you have other ideas to spend Diwali more responsibly.





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