How To Make Your Fuel Car Eco-Friendly



You may want to switch to a hybrid or all-electric car one day, but for now, even if you’re driving a gas-powered car, you can make a few changes to ensure it is as environment-friendly as possible.

The changes will be about how you operate your car and how you maintain it, so that it is good for the environment, as well as helps you cut down on some costs. Here are a few tips you could try out that will make your car significantly greener, as well as help with the costs.

1. Regular Maintenance – Regularly taking your car for maintenance will help your car use less fuel and will also cause less pollution. You’ll also know if you need to replace the air and fuel filters in the car or any emission system parts. A proper tune up of your car can help to improve the gas mileage by almost four percent if it is already in the right working condition and by up to 40 percent if you fix any serious maintenance issue.

2. Reduce The Load – If you fill up your car with unnecessary things, it adds to the weight and makes your car use up more fuel than it would need otherwise. Take a good look at your car and see if there is anything that you can leave out for the time being. For instance, you may love to cycle and have fixed your bike at the back. But if you always lug it around on your car, even when you are not headed for cycling, your car uses extra fuel to lug the weight around.

3. Low Rolling Resistance Tyres – The tyres that you use can also help you maximize your car’s fuel efficiency. If your budget permits it, go for low rolling resistance tyres that are now available in Indian markets, but are a little on the more expensive side. However, the benefits are that such tyres can help to reduce the natural deflection as well as reduce any elastic delay. The low rolling resistance tyres will help reduce fuel wastage in the form of heat and help your car use fuel more efficiently.

4. Limit AC Use In The Car – We all need the AC while stuck in traffic, but when you put the car AC on high mode, it increases the cost of your fuel by almost 13 to 21 percent. If the weather permits, you may want to roll down the windows to let fresh air in and switch off the AC. But this again can have a negative effect on your car’s aerodynamic efficiency. A good alternative will be to use your flow-through ventilation instead.

5. Change Driving Style – If you regularly drive through traffic, it is possible you spend a lot of time at busy traffic signals. At such times, if you keep your car in idle mode, it can use up a lot of unnecessary fuel. Instead of keeping the car on, switch it off and restart, as it will not waste any fuel, nor will it cause any wear and tear to your vehicle.

Most of these tips are easily doable and we can implement in our daily driving routines. If you’ve tried any of it already and seen a difference, do tell us about it. And if you have some more tips that you feel work for you and help keep the environment clean as well, we’d love to hear all about it as well!

Image source: Pexels

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